Historical Cambridge documents informing current housing and transport consultations – 2021

We have:

  1. The Greater Cambridge Local Plan (emerging)
  2. The Local Transport & Connectivity Plan (Cambs & P’boro)
  3. The Greater Cambridge Partnership Bus Network consultations titled “Making Connections” (along with what look like much-reduced proposals for Cambridge Eastern Access).

These require a huge amount of reading if you want to get into the detail. You don’t have to – but it can help being part of a campaign group such as:

With campaigns generally, rather than spreading your resources and attention too thinly, better to join a very small number and get involved / do things well.

Finally, you can do the unfashionable thing and join a political party.

The big three past development plans – Davidge, Holford & Wright, and finally John Parry Lewis.

All significant for different reasons, all fascinating studies. Davidge’s report curtailed ribbon developments and designated the first areas to be protected from development. Holford & Wright restricted Cambridge’s growth to 100,000 people by the year 2000. John Parry Lewis recommended getting rid of that restriction and planned for a city of 200,000 with a new urban centre. His report was rejected by councillors – but given we are going to be closer to 150,000 people with the 2021 census results due in the next six months, his report is worth looking at again.

Cambridge – the future of the university town post-WWII

Grassroots newsletters and plans – The Kite
Campaigning pamphlets
Information and citizens’ guides

I will be adding to this list at future dates as and when I digitise / get permission to digitise more documents.

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