Videos, Books & Archives

I have purchased a number of books about the history of Cambridge the town, and a number of our famous and/or high-achieving residents outside of the field of academia. These have long been out of print and are seldom seen outside the realms of buyers & sellers of second hand books. I’ve saved them to the Internet Archive here.

I have also recorded a number of presentations as well as filming and producing my own videos. I have been asked by the Cambridgeshire Association for Local History to list them here.

CALH Presentations – extended videos

Dr Ceri Law – Religious change in Cambridge in 16thC – 02 April 2016

The history of Cambridge Preservation Society – 07 Jan 2017

Tony Kirby – The history of Cambridge housing. 05 May 2018.

Mike Petty – The Cambridgeshire Collection – 07 March 2020

Mill Road History Society

Becky Proctor – History of Mill Road – Mill Road History Talk – 22 July 2015

Dr Philip Howell – The Spinning House – Mill Road History. 11 Jan 2017

Antony Carpen – Women who made modern Cambridge – 10 October 2018

Event playlists:

Cambridge – Shaping our city. Summer 2016.

Clara Rackham’s Blue Plaque Celebrations 02 Nov 2018

Dame Leah Manning’s Blue Plaque Celebrations – 15 Jan 2020