Eglantyne Jebb in the Dec 1910 snap general election


Liberal Candidate Stanley Buckmaster KC pays tribute to the work of Eglantyne Jebb in his campaign for re-election. He lost by around 400 votes – close to his successor Dr Julian Huppert who lost his seat in the 2015 general election campaign by 599 votes

“I have mentioned already the women whose sympathy has helped us, whose work has aided us, and whose disappointment we all keenly fell. Though I must not refer in any way to persons for reasons I have already stated, no one of us in this town can forget that when the battle-cry was raised there was one woman who thought space was of no consequence, and left her holiday to travel hundreds of miles to place her services at disposal.

“Three cheers for Miss Jebb!”

That again is a notable fact in this election, and its memory must, I feel certain help to support us in our disappointment and strengthen us to renew the struggle at the earliest moment. 

(Hear hear! And cheers.)

Now, ladies and gentlemen, man and many a man, and many and many an army, has been able so to use their defeat as to make sure of future victory. There certainly is never a moment in the history of a man or in the history of a party, when resolution and nerve and courage are needed as they are at the moment when your spirits are depressed and your hopes are sashed to the ground.”

The words of Stanley Buckmaster KC, MP for Cambridge 1906-1910 as quoted in the Cambridge Independent, Fri 09 December 1910. Via the British Newspaper Archive (£ link)