Eglantyne Jebb in Cambridge


This page is the umbrella page to catch articles and posts about Save The Children founder Miss Eglantyne Jebb. She spent over a decade in our town, having moved here with her mother, Tye Jebb to be close to Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb, Tye’s brother and Eglantyne’s uncle.


Hero: The flame-haired Eglantyne Jebb around the time she moved to Cambridge in her 20s.

After a few years of living the life of a socialite in local high society, The Mother of Modern Cambridge, Florence Ada Keynes invited a talented but otherwise directionless Eglantyne to work with her at the Cambridge Charitable Organisation Society. The results of Eglantyne’s work include:

  • The Cambridge Register of [charitable] societies and institutions
  • Cambridge – a brief study in social questions
  • Running the Boy’s employment registry (with Margaret Keynes, Florence’s daughter and later Eglantyne’s romantic partner prior to the latter’s marriage)


A screenshot of Eglantyne’s first ground-breaking publication for the Cambridge Charitable Organisation Society – courtesy the Cambridgeshire Collection

Eglantyne’s party political years

The second half of her years in Cambridge involved her becoming active with the Cambridge Liberals – who between 1906-1910 held the Cambridge borough seat in Parliament with barrister Stanley Buckmaster KC. Despite Eglantyne’s best efforts, Buckmaster was unable to retake the seat in the snap election of December 2010, one that followed the January 2010 general election following the constitutional crisis with the House of Lords blocking legislation tabled by the elected Liberal Government. It was following the second election which, despite the loss of Cambridge, returned a Liberal Government, led to Lloyd George’s radical budget of 1911.