Cambridgeshire Association for Local History – book awards on 03 June 2023

It’s at St John the Evangelist Church Hall, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 8RN, at 2.15 p.m Free to members, guests £2.00

Advanced notice for this event which I’ve also posted on FB here should you want to add it to your calendars. Free to members, guests £2.00 (Annual membership starts at only £8 a year!

It would be lovely to get more new people involved – whether longterm residents or people who have only recently moved here. Ditto students and young people looking for local historical stories from times gone by as subjects for extended projects. One example from the late 2010s was Cambridge Herstory By Millie Dean for her further education extended project.

Feel free to have a browse through past publications from the association at For those of you who want to explore the history of Cambridge up until the early/mid 20th century (town and gown), see the Victoria Counties History Project’s entry for Cambridge (the town) – written by Prof Helen Cam, the first woman to be appointed a professor at Harvard. This followed many years at Girton, Cambridge and also her work for both the Cambridge Antiquarian Society and also the Cambridge Labour Party – the latter for which she contributed financially towards the construction of the Romsey Town Labour Club.

Supporting my future research on the story of Cambridge the town

If you enjoyed this article and are interested in the history of Cambridge the town and the people who made our modern city, please support my research in bringing their records of achievement to wider audiences. Click here if you would like to make a donation to support my ongoing work.

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