How Dawn, Dusk and Puffles saved time from the wicked Chronophage


A possible story featuring four of Cambridge’s mythical creatures?

Only today I noticed these two creatures perched beside the clock over the Guildhall. I was in Market Square and noticed there was something by the clock but couldn’t make out what it was until I turned a powerful optical zoom lens onto it.


‘Dawn the cockerel’ and ‘Dusk the owl’ keeping watch of the time above the Guildhall

According to Allan Brigham the two creatures represent dawn and dusk – which makes me think that they’d make quite nice names for the creatures too, if they don’t have those names already.

Combined with the city’s local dragon fairy Puffles, every so often seen at council meetings in The Guildhall, Shire Hall or even in South Cambridgeshire Hall in Cambourne, these three could be the subject of interesting stories around town.

Puffles as a community reporter

Political dragon: Puffles scrutinising the councillors

“Dawn, Dusk and Puffles versus…?”

…versus this chap – the insect on top of the Corpus Clock. John Taylor’s invention, the name comes from ancient Greek and means ‘Time Eater’.

But rather than me being the writer of such stories (I’m not good at story writing for the public!), could this be one to put out to the children of the city as a short story competition through the libraries and/or the Museum of Cambridge and the University museums?


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