Books about the borough of Cambridge


A little background reading

So…I’ve collected this lot so far – mainly second hand.

Any other suggestions?

Also, if you haven’t heard of the following organisations, click on the links:

I’ve asked the staff of the Greater Cambridge City Deal to produce a ‘reading list’ with links of past major reports, studies and policy papers on the growth of Cambridge in an historical context. So things like the Holford Report post-war through to things like more recent local plans.

There are a handful of historical videos on the growth of Cambridge – this one for example from the East Anglian Film Archive.

Remember that one of the aims of this blog is to provide an historical context to the changes that are happening to Cambridge at the moment. To note, one of the things that strikes me in both the archives and in second hand books is how the terms Cambridge and Cambridgeshire are used interchangeably. Cambridge can mean either the University of Cambridge [*And nowhere else!!!*], the borough/city of Cambridge, or the county of Cambridgeshire.

Feel free to add your own suggested books & articles in the comments field.


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